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Ubuntu is Scheepjes’ 2018 crochet along, designed by Dedri Uys from There are 12 parts to this project and yarn packs for three sizes; small, medium and large. As I’m sure you’re all aware, I love a miniature version, so I decided to follow along with my own choice of thread – my favourite Maxi Sugar Rush, also by Scheepjes. I used one ball for each of the contrasting colours and three for the main colour.

My choices were Bridal White (105) for the main colour and Tulip (222), Spring Green (513), Shadow Purple (394), Royal Orange (189), Saffron (249) and Vivid Blue (146) for the contrasting colours.

I also used a 1.25mm hook for most of this, and a 1.5mm when a larger size was called for in the pattern.

The piece starts off by making the central diamonds and half diamonds individually, before joining them together in part 7. The join is so simple and so very satisfying; I think this was my favourite part. The half diamonds were a little bit more complicated than I’d expected and just make sure you fasten in your ends very well, especially if you are using cotton, as it could come undone. My only other tip is to count carefully when making the diamonds, as if you end up off, then the join will not be as neat as it should be.

Completed diamonds
Completed half diamonds
All joined together

I did block my diamonds and half diamonds before I joined, although this isn’t strictly necessary. I did find that because I was using as small hook, it did make joining easier. Once you have completed the blanket, you can give it a good block then and mine stretched to 27 inches across (68cm). I think if you backed this with a nice fabric, it would make a beautiful blanket for a buggy or pram, or, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you could turn this into a lovely large cushion. I’m still unsure what I want to do, but I’m also considering mounting this in a hoop and having it as a wall hanging.


Overall, I found this project more challenging than Sophie’s Universe, but I think that was because it started out in so many pieces. This makes it more important to keep your gauge consistent for all the pieces so they fit together nicely. I like the fact that this piece is hexagonal, rather than a straight-sided or circular project, it’s just something a little different.

If you are wanting to try this out, you can get the threads (or other yarns) from Wool Warehouse and find the free pattern on the Scheepjes website. If you like this design and want to see more of Dedri’s patterns, her blog is just here.

Until next time, happy hooking!

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