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If you have been following my Instagram from the beginning, you’ll know that when I first set out on this crafty journey, I was a one project kinda guy. It would appear that this was because I only had room in my bag for the yarn for Sophie’s Universe while I was travelling. What a fool I was to think I had any self control.

Now that we are temporarily settled in London again, I have caught that dreaded affliction which seems to be rife in the yarn community. Startitis. I have SO. MANY. PROJECTS on the go that I don’t know where to start, but I thought we may as well lay them all out and see what we have. Shall we go from newest to oldest? And I’m going to have to break this down into crochet, knitting and stitching, or you’ll be here all night. I’ll post my crochet wips tonight:

My newest project, started today is the Calla Mystery CAL by Zoya Matyushenko. This MCAL has just started, so I’ve completed the first part and the next one will be released on Friday. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an intricate lace doily. Love them. I also love that I can just dive into my stash of Sugar Rush and start something new. I’m working this one in Watermelon, and just love those coral-y vibes.

I also have another doily on the go too; this one is also by Zoya and called Linda. I had this one in my favourites for ages; it’s not circular or square, but still worked in the round. After a particularly ‘fun’ day at work, I had to treat myself. I’m working this one up in Bluebird, which is just the most gorgeous blue.

My other long-time favourite, couldn’t wait any longer, oh my gosh it’s too pretty, had to start is the High Tea Floral Block by the lovely Jen Tyler. I also have the extension and next block in the series in my Ravelry library. This piece is just so elaborately beautiful and an amazing challenge using crochet threads. I think Jen’s patterns are also a bargain – they are very generously priced and usually come with a video to help you too; what more could you ask for? I plan to complete this block with the extension and see if I can make it into some ornate cushion.

If you are reading this then I’m going to assume you’ve read about my love of micro crochet and this next piece is my micro version of Ness’ Phoenix CAL. I’ve gone small for this piece, using sewing thread and starting with a 0.35mm hook. I’m currently working on part 4 and I have changed hook size to a 0.4mm to help the piece stay flat. To say I love this piece is an understatement. The colours are amazing, the pattern is clearly written, each round is different and it’s a pleasure to stitch.

One piece I’m not regretting starting (ha! As if I regret any of these) is my Spirit of the Volcano wrap, which is going to be my mum’s Christmas present. I doubt she’s on here, but mother, if you are reading this, stop scrolling! I’m using the called for colours for the Volcano colourway, although the other two options are also stunning. I haven’t bought these in the pack as it was sold out, so you can get the spirit colours here and the Catona colours here if you are also struggling. I just love how the different types of yarns work together here and each instalment offers a different challenge. There are nine parts altogether, so as I’ll be making other gifts for Christmas, I thought I’d best start!

Finally on the crochet front is another thread piece and this one is my miniature version of Persian Tiles by Jane Crowfoot. I do love this pattern, but the main motifs do get a bit repetitive and they have quite a few ends to work in. I’m planning on making this a centrepiece, so I think 4 motifs, plus the triangles to square it up will be plenty.

I think I should also talk about my UFO pile and AWOL pieces, just to cover it all. I have two pieces in the UFO pile; the first is my Cosmic CAL and the second is my Rings of Change. I’m not sure why I stopped working on either of these as they are both beautiful patterns and both well written. I love the colours I have chosen; Cosmic is in various blues and greys in Stylecraft Special DK and the Rings of Change is in this gorgeous Scheepjes Whirl. No doubt I will pick them up again, but I’ll let the urge come back first.

To finish this wordy post, I’m going to come clean about five pieces I’ve lost when we moved from our friend’s place, back to ours after our travels. The first one was the lovely Unicorn Mandala CAL which I was making from thread. Poof, gone! The second was a miniature version of the Hearts of Friendship, which had a non-correctable mistake right at the beginning. Poof, gone! The third was my lovely Olga, and I have no idea how I lost her! Poof, gone! The fourth was another miniature, another one of Jen’s and was the stunning Amanzi Block. Poof, gone! And finally, Jane’s Love Square, which I was making out of Aran yarn left over from Sophie. It was kinda big, but, poof, gone!

I really want to start these missing pieces again, but I’m going to be good, because I still have to tell you about my knitting and stitching lists!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and until next time,

Happy hooking!

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  • Reply
    Tiffany Davies
    29th July 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Love your down to earth style Rob! Your projects are an inspiration, and I firmly believe you can never have too many WIPs. (That’s what I tell myself, anyway). X

    • Reply
      2nd August 2019 at 7:58 am

      Thanks Tiffany 🙂 I’m really happy to share all my wips and you’re right of course – we can never have too many! xx

  • Reply
    18th August 2019 at 3:40 pm

    I am insanely jealous of your Sugar Rush stash. Also, based on your “About me”, I am wondering how long you have been knitting and crocheting. (I learned to knit at 5, crochet at 14, and I’m now 57. No telling what craft I’ll be working on next week; I have terrible craft ADD.)

    • Reply
      19th August 2019 at 8:06 am

      Oh I just love the Sugar Rush range, so many colours! I’ve been crocheting for almost 2 years now and knitting for around a year. I love jumping from one craft to another too; keeps things interesting! 🙂

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