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Startitis – The Final Symptoms

Are you ready for my final symptoms? I’m going to share my knitting pile with you in this post, so grab a cuppa and let’s go!

My first knit and the oldest is actually a subscription project by Creacrafts and its the knitted throw. I’ve made 2 blocks. I do have a beautifully huge pile of yarn to get the rest of it done though! I started this because I wanted to learn how to knit, and liked the idea of learning different stitches week by week. Then we went travelling and the issues mounted up. I do think the throw is a nice one and the colours are definitely in my palette, so this will get back on the needles at some point, just not yet.

I actually only have another two active wips to share for knitting and they are both Christmas presents. The first is this cute Evie dress by Suzie Sparkles, which will be for my niece. I’m knitting this in a bigger size for her to grow into; mainly because I’m a slow knitter, plus I knit Portuguese style, so some stitches take a bit of figuring out. I am using a bamboo blend yarn by Sirdar in Tiny Teal and it’s wonderfully soft. I’ve picked this dress as the yoke looks like a nice challenge, but the main part is plenty of simple knitting which I’ll do in front of the TV – or that’s the plan.

The other piece I’m working on is this beautiful wrap by Dee O’Keefe, called Richland. I’ve just found Dee’s designs and I’m just a bit obsessed. I’ve wanted to learn lace knitting for a while and her patterns are just so clearly laid out that I had to buy a good stash of them. For this shawl I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash in Berry Pink. I do like this yarn, but as it’s 100% wool, I think it will need a good soak just to soften it up a little more. If you are wanting to try something a bit lacier, this patter is a good one to start with as it isn’t so lacy that you’ll get lost, but the pattern has both written instructions and charts, so you can learn to read them. You should note that not all Dee’s patterns have both, but every one I’ve bought is very clearly written and explained.

I have kitted out another one of Dee’s designs, which is a chart only pattern called Elizabeth and I’ll be using this incredibly beautiful lace from Fyberspates in Loganberry. It’s 45% silk and 55% merino, so you can imagine how soft it is. This yarn comes in a hank, so I’ve invested in a winder and swift to turn it in to a usable ball. I’m great at getting into knots, so I’m not even considering trying to use the yarn straight from the hank.

Once I’m finished with the Christmas presents, I’ll get that one cast on and also look for yarn to start this amazing thistle inspired piece, Cynara. I told you I was enamoured with Dee’s designs! I’ll definitely be looking for another silky yarn for this piece and I can’t wait to get my needles going!

So this concludes my Startitis series and I think you are all up to date on my piles of crochet, stitching and knitting! I’m trying not to add anything new to the mix, but recently my self-control has lost its self-control!

Until next time,

Happy knitting!

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