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I’ve been asked a few times recently about yarn holders and what I use, so I thought it might make a good post to go through the choices if you are looking to buy something to stop your yarn rolling all over.

Before I do though, it should be said that you don’t definitely have to buy something to keep your yarn in one place; if you are pet- and kidless, and you don’t mind your yarn rolling around a bit, or if you just chuck it on the sofa next to you, then that’s perfectly fine! Also, if you use centre pull balls, you definitely don’t need anything, unless you want a bowl for the sake of having one. I like to collect things though and I’m a sucker for accessories, so he’s my review for yarn bowls, spindles and my newest toy, my Wool Genie.

I have this lovely Scheepjes yarn bowl which is perfect for smaller skeins of yarn, but definitely isn’t big enough to hold, say a 100g ball of Stylecraft. I use mine for my Sugar Rush cottons; the bowl is beautifully smooth and sits nicely on the arm of the sofa. I also keep it out on display as an ornamental piece, just because I think it’s pretty. If you crochet or knit with anything bigger than a 50g skein, I wouldn’t recommend a bowl though; it’s not going to fit well and will just end up falling out. As I mentioned above, the only type of holder that works with centre pulls is the bowl, but it isn’t essential.

Scheepjes Yarn Bowl

You can find fairly cheap spindles on Amazon, just search for ‘Yarn Holder’ and you’ll get a good choice, but I have this one which coped with 100g ball of Stylecraft Aran while I was travelling. It comes in two parts, just pop them together and push your yarn onto it. Off you go! I do find that sometimes with these, if your yarn is wrapped high or low, it can pull the holder over, which I found quite common when using this to hold my Sugar Rush cotton threads.

Just your basic spindle – with a ball of DK

Because of this, I was clicking around and came across the Wool Genie. This takes a bit of assembly, but I’m so impressed. You put your yarn on as you do with any spindle/holder, then a magnet holds this part in place so it can spin and change it’s angle. Apparently it can hold up to 200g too, so perfect for most common brands. When you aren’t using it, you drop the holder into the slot on the base and the magnet retracts. My only negative with the genie is that it is plasticky and the colour isn’t great. It isn’t something you’d display like a yarn bowl, but it’s definitely a very clever design.

Wool Genie – Look, floating yarn!

I think if you were just to have one holder, I’d go with the Wool Genie. It copes with everything and I don’t think it’s expensive for what it is. For the difference in price from a standard spindle, there’s no contest. If you mainly use smaller skeins, like natural materials and don’t mind the premium, a yarn bowl is definitely a nice addition to your kit. You have much more choice with the finish too, so it can also be a nice ornament in your room .

Just a disclaimer, but no links on this site are affiliate links and all views are just my personal opinions. You might disagree, and that’s allowed, but I hope this is a little helpful if you were wondering about what to buy.

Until next time,

Happy crafting!

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