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I thought I might write a bit about some of my most favourite buys in this post. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that one of my favourite brands of yarn is Scheepjes. Just so you know, this isn’t an advert or sponsored post, only my personal views. I’m linking to the products at Wool Warehouse, and again, it’s just because this is where I normally buy my threads and yarns. No sponsorship or affiliate links. Unless Scheepjes or Wool Warehouse read this and decide that, yes, Rob needs to be affiliated with us….OK I’m really getting away with myself here….

Anyway, back to business. I have bought (really should use and not stare at and collect) all of Scheepjes’ colour packs so far, except the Heavy and Light Skies packs because they have been out of stock every time I’ve looked. I’m often asked what I’m planning on doing with such small amounts of yarn, so I thought we could have a deeper look at what you get and give my suggestions and link to a couple of patterns.

Scheepjes Metropolis

The newest of the packs is the Metropolis collection, which has 80 cute 10g balls of 4 ply made of 75% extra fine merino and 25% nylon. That covers all the colours in the Metropolis range and they are lovely and soft. I think this pack would be so lovely for a colourful knitted wrap, or crocheted into different squares for a throw. There’s also this gorgeous knitted quilt, which only needs about 28 metres per diamond. Each ball gives you 40 metres, so there is quite a generous amount. You could just use a few of the balls for some socks too; 11 or 12 would be enough to make Tin Can Knits Rye Light socks and there’s plenty of choice to make a lovely gradient of fading colours, or some bright contrasting stripes.

I think my favourite of the packs are the River and Stone Washed collections, which come in either XL which is aran weight or Regular which is a sport weight. The XL collection has 36 balls of Stone Washed and 14 balls of River Washed in 15g balls. This gives you 22.5m per ball and they are a lovely blend of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. I have a plan to make the Wildflower Cushion Block by Jen Tyler with mine. The sports weight size come in 10g (26m) balls and has a few more colours; 36 of the Stone Washed and 22 of the River Washed. I can see this pack being perfect for one of Jen’s blocks, maybe the Equinox or one from the High Tea Series.

If you think you’d like to make a shawl or a wrap from these smaller balls, or even scraps of what you have left, Nai Vincent has a fab pattern called Scrap Ball Shawl which will turn your leftovers into something pretty.

This then brings us to the beasts! The Cahlista and Catona packs are much bigger and both have 109 mini balls in them. Cahlista is an aran weight yarn again and 100% cotton. Each ball is 15g, which is 25.5 metres of yarn. It’s such a nice sized yarn, that it would be perfect for learning new stitches. You could also invest in this Tunisian Crochet Book Set and learn a whole new craft! Just work through the books making squares to join together in a blanket – I think that will be my target for these.

Catona is a 4 ply yarn and again, 100% cotton. The 10g balls give you 25 metres of each colour so they would be great for those smaller amigurumi projects. If you need more of any shade, then you can top up and get more in 10g, 25g and 50g balls.

Of course, you could also just buy them to have and use them to figure out colours for your future projects, but it might be better just to snip of a few centimetres and make your own shade cards, so that you can enjoy using these lovely packs!

I hope that this answers a few questions and gives someone an idea to follow. If you’ve bought a pack and wasn’t sure, I hope this has helped you too. If you are making anything from one of these packs, please do tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see other people’s projects too.

Until next time,

Happy making!

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