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Peyote Stitch Book Review

Hello again! As I’ve been working on my Christmas projects, I haven’t been adding to my queue, but I have been doing a spot of shopping and reading. I thought it might be nice to write a review of one of the beading books I got recently.

Following on from my last post, I have been learning how to bead and make jewellery. One of the most common stitches is the Peyote Stitch, which can make both flat and 3-dimensional pieces. Being such a useful technique, I wanted to learn as much as I could and I came across this book which goes into a lot of detail. (Disclaimer: that’s an affiliate link, so I do make a few pennies if you decide to treat yourself through that link)

Written by the editors of Bead & Button magazine, the book has the same friendly layout and organised approach. If you are also a newbie to this world, you can find this US publication through Stitchncraft, who also have a great range of beads and quick postage. (No affiliate here, just a happy customer!)

This book starts with a nice introduction, a recap over threads, beads and knots and then dives into the various types of peyote stitch. It starts off nice and slow with both even- and odd-count flat peyote, moves on to tubular and circular, a clear diagram showing how to join two pieces of peyote and the progresses.

The more advanced techniques of fast and diagonal peyote are covered along with increases and decreases, two-drop, spirals, twists, right-angle, shapes and bezels. There are clear diagrams alongside the explanations, which is great for visual learners like me.

One of the most beneficial parts of this book is that there are mini projects to help you get to grips with each technique, before you reach the full-on project part of the guide. There are 19 projects in a variety of colourways, which range from earrings to pendants, bracelets to necklaces. To save space, alternate colourways are given on the accompanying website.

At the end of the book, as well as finishing techniques to give a smoother edge, rather than the typical bricky one peyote gives, is a brief chapter quickly covering other stitches such as ladder, right-angle weave, square and herringbone.

If you are new to beading, or just wanting to improve your peyote, I think this book will be a welcome collection to your library. Just don’t blame me if you have to buy more beads!

Until next time,

Happy beading!

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