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Whilst I’ve recently been focused on my Spirit of the Volcano shawl, I have been looking for videos to watch while I hook away. My YouTube feed is chock-full of all sorts for crafty goodness, but the adverts were starting to annoy me. It was getting a bit annoying to have to lay down my hook and click skip; yes, I know that this really isn’t much of an issue, but I think the ads have increased recently and got longer.

Anyway, I learnt Portuguese knitting with Craftsy, so I thought I’d look and see if there was anything there that took my fancy. I learnt one thing quickly, Craftsy is no more and instead I was directed to Bluprint. The layout of this site was a bit different to what I was expecting, and although it does offer one time purchases of classes, it also offers a subscription.

I’m not normally one for subscribing to things, as I tend to end up not using them and then forgetting to cancel, but after clicking around the site, I was quite sure there was plenty to keep my attention. Bluprint is a one-stop shop for all your craft classes, cooking and lifestyle programmes and had plenty of courses that I’d never even heard of, like shuttle tatting and crafts I’d never even considered, like quilting. Knitters and crocheters have plenty of courses and patterns and then there are related skills, such as Portuguese knitting and Tunisian crochet. I think of it as Netflix for crafters.

My Tunisian crochet wash-cloth

I decided that I’d give the subscription a go and see how I got on. That was a couple of months ago and I’m still enjoying the site. I’m currently working through a Tunisian crochet course by a lady called Jennifer and watching more about shuttle tatting with Marilee. I’ve also been binge-watching the Midnight Quilt Show, which is really quite amusing and I’ve enjoyed looking through various knitting and crochet patterns. I’ve also kitted out a hat to knit using Peruvian colourwork knitting. There’s plenty to keep me going for 2020! The nice thing is that if you do get stuck, you can leave a message on the class page and either the instructor or a fellow student will get back and give you a hand; something I think I’ll be using a lot over the next year!

I thought I’d write this blog post as my last Instagram photo had a lot of attention and people have messaged asking about the wash-cloth pattern. I don’t want this to come across so salesy, but thought I’d share my thoughts about the Bluprint site. I do have an affiliate link here, which gives you 50% off your first year and a free trial if you are wanting to give this a go. If you are living stateside, you also get the option to buy kits through Bluprint, but UK people I haven’t tried this as I have been stung by customs charges before! Please note that this link will expire after the 17th December 2019.

Anyway, I hope this answered any questions you might have had about the website and thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Happy crafting!

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