About Me

I’m Rob and I have a bit of an obsession with all things thread.

Welcome to my new website, where I’ll be sharing my current projects, ideas and wish-lists for the future, reviews and tips I’ve picked up on this journey.

But first, maybe a bit about me.

I’m originally from the North, born in Doncaster to a Scottish mum and Welsh dad, and raised in that gap between North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. I moved around a bit, living in Nottingham, Belgrade and now London and in between spent two years on the road with my other half.

It was during that time that I decided to learn to crochet. We were tight on funds and with Christmas looming, I wanted to be able to give everyone a present. Many YouTube videos later and I had stitched several scarves, hats and a poncho. It seemed a natural progression to learn to knit and then one day as I fell down a YouTube hole, I decided to learn to stitch too. My main interests now are in fiddly detail work, thread crochet and geometric stitching.

I love sharing my projects on Instagram, where I have met so many lovely people and this blog came from that. A space to get a bit more wordy about what I’m up to.

Thanks for visiting!